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Giant Cupcake II

Giant Cupcake the second turned out very pretty. Vanilla sponge, lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream, sprinkles, smarties and jelly tots.
Unfortunately, the top fell off in transit, leaving behind a cake massacre. It still tasted good though. 🙂



Giant Cupcake

I’ve always (well, recently) wanted to make a Giant Cupcake, so when I saw this mould in Tesco last week, for only €9.99, I nearly wet myself with excitement.


It’s a silicone mould that comes in two parts, top and bottom, that you fill with your chosen cake batter. I must admit here that I cheated, and used a box of Betty Crocker. (It is yummy though). I have a problem with my oven at the moment, which means I can’t use it until the boys are in bed, so I was pushed for time.


There is also a nifty little insert with the mould, which allows you to put a filling inside the cake after it has been baked. I used white chocolate sauce, which was a bit runny, but still tasted good.
After assembling the cupcake, I decorated it with white chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate buttons.
Et Voila!


Really simple, but very effective, and most of all, delicious!