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Fairy Door

I had seen these Fairy Doors making the rounds; but they really caught my attention when I saw one that was handmade by Jackie Mooney. My son was due his first visit from the tooth fairy, so I asked Jackie to make one for him.

You can see Jackie’s Doors here

I had seen a friend make a little scene in a box frame to put a Fairy Door into, and I thought it was so cute, that I had to have a go. I had someone in mind, who LOVES Fairies, that I wanted to make a gift for, so I ordered another Door from Jackie. I used my Cricut to cut a tree, fence and grass, a die to cut the birdcage and birds, and used punches to cut some leaves and butterflies. The whole thing went into a Ribba frame from Ikea.



I hope you like it!
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Summer Craft Swaps

I recently took part in two online craft swaps. It’s very exciting sending a parcel off to a stranger and waiting for their reaction. Also equally exciting getting a surprise back in the post. I’ve been very lucky in all the lovely crafts I’ve received in all the swaps I’ve be part of.

For the first one I used a kit for a memories book that I got from Jackie Mooney. I made it into a chipboard album and added one or two extra bits. There’s space for two photos in this album.





I also sent a few cards, but I only took a photo of one of them. I used a digi I had coloured in ages ago and hasn’t made it onto a card. I never seem to have time to colour or craft just for the same if it anymore! ūüė¶
I used a coffee cup collar in this card aswell. Waste not want not!


And here is what I received…..a lovely box full of goodies.

photo 3Homemade Chai tea (recipe to follow) and a gorgeous mug with a crocheted cosy. I’m looking forward to trying these out.

photo 4Two cute egg Cosies for my two boys.

photo 5And two beautiful crocheted doilies.

Wasn’t I lucky?

The second swap was an alphabet swap. My letter was ‘C’ so I made a Clock stepper card. I used my new Tim Holtz clock die and some digi stamps from Mami Doodles.
I am entering this card in the ‘Cut it Up’ challenge – What’s¬†bugging¬†you?¬†¬†(see¬†my¬†little¬†ladybug?!)




My swappee had the letter ‘D’, so she made me an altered notelet holder with my name on it, how clever is that? I’ll definitely be making some of these for Christmas gifts.




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DIY Strassed Bling Shoes

I got these shoes today to wear for my birthday and thought they were a bit too plain.


So I decided to ‘bling’ them up. ¬†I got a present of a rhinestone setter gun a while ago and it’s been sitting gathering dust since then. ¬†Time to put it to some use! ¬†It came with some 3mm clear hot fix rhinestones so I used those. ¬†I could have done with a few more but overall I’m happy with the results.






Dee x

Button Initial in a Frame


I saw this on Pinterest and have made a few. They’re quite simple to make but look very effective and make a nice gift. This is a quick how-to for a button initial in a frame.

I use the ‘Ribba’ frame from Ikea, which is a white, deep, 9x9inch square frame. You need a frame with depth so that the buttons don’t get squashed up against the glass. An alternative would be to use a normal frame and leave the glass out.

Measure and cut a piece of white card using the paper from the frame as a guide.


Cut out your chosen letter using a die cutting machine if you have one. Otherwise, print out your letter onto card using Word on your computer and cut it out by hand. Make it around 6 inches tall.
Stick the letter to the white card with double sided tape or glue.
Tip: Cut out two or three letters out and layer them on top of your card. This will stop your card from warping if you use too much glue.


Start putting your buttons down on top of the letter. When you’re happy with the arrangement, glue the buttons down using a wet glue like Uhu or Bostick or Anita’s Tacky Glue (PVA), preferably with a small nozzle. Overlap some of the buttons to add depth to your letter.


Repeat until you have filled the letter. Put some small gems and pearls into the spaces left by the buttons.


When dry, place it in the frame. And there you have it, a lovely gift for a new baby, Christening, birthday etc.



Instead of just using buttons, you can fill your letter with gens and pearls. It’s more time consuming because of the small pieces but looks well.

I got various gems in Inspiring Ideas in Blanchardstown. I got half pearls from the eBay seller go4beauty.



Nappy Cake Tutorial!

Nappy cakes are a great gift for a baby shower or new baby. ¬†They’re both novelty and useful. ¬†Inexpensive to make aswell; they just take a little time.


  • Approximately 48 nappies
  • 2.5 metres of wide ribbon (5cm) in blue, pink or yellow.
  • 2.5 metres of wool or string
  • Card toppers or embellishments (I used a decoupage kit from Cardznscrapz)
  • Double sided tape and Sticky foam pads (you can get them from cardznscrapz aswell)
  • Bamboo kebab sticks or knitting needles.
  • Cake board or thick card and pretty paper to cover it.


Start with the bottom tier.  For the bottom tier I used 22 size 2 nappies for the middle tier I used 16 size 1 nappies, and for the top tier I used 8 size  nappies.

It’s hard to explain how to ‘mould’ them into the cake shape but I took some photos at different stages to show how I did it.

Imagine a clock face and put a quarter of your nappies (for that tier) pointing at 12, 3, 6 and 9.  The open part of the nappy should be at the centre, and the folded part on the outside.

Carefully move the nappies into a fuller circle, keeping it as tight as you can.

Wrap some string or wool around the nappies, pull it tight and tie a knot. ¬†Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect you can adjust the nappies afterwards.

Wrap some ribbon around the nappies, making sure to cover the string.  Secure with a piece of double-sided tape.  Fold over the end to give a neat edge.

Repeat for the other two tiers.  Stack the tiers on top of each other and use some knitting needles or bamboo kebab sticks to secure them.

I used a piece from a cardboard cupcake stand to put the nappy cake on.  You could use a cake board or cover a piece of cardboard with some wrapping paper either.

Cut out your embellishments and attach them using sticky foam pads.  Et voila!  A great gift at a great price!

This nappy cake has some ‘Boofle’ embellishments from Do Crafts.