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Giant Cupcake II

Giant Cupcake the second turned out very pretty. Vanilla sponge, lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream, sprinkles, smarties and jelly tots.
Unfortunately, the top fell off in transit, leaving behind a cake massacre. It still tasted good though. 🙂



Lightning McQueen Cake for Little J’s 3rd Birthday

Little J is mad about cars, and was enthralled with the idea of a racecar cake. Last year I made a Mickey Mouse Cake for his birthday. It took so long, I swore ‘never again!’. But time has a great way of making you forget how long these things actually take to make.

Far from perfect, but it made one toddler very happy. 🙂


Nursing Necklace

Baby N can be a bit fussy during feeding, so I gathered up all my cheap and colorful beads to make a long necklace to wear and for him to play with. I knotted the thread between beads for safety.
N loves it, especially jingling the bells. 🙂



Lego Table

I found a brilliant website; Ikea Hackers. It’s a blog where people share their customised Ikea furniture. I was amazed at the creativity and resourcefulness some people.
One of my favorite hacks was the Lego Table, made from the Lack side table. Once I saw it, I had to have it. Lego is one of my favorite toys.

Lack side table from Ikea €8.49
Bygel rail from Ikea €1.49
3xBygel containers 49c each
Lego Duplo Board €12.99
Velcro €3.50

Total cost: less than €27.
Hours of fun: priceless.


Giant Cupcake

I’ve always (well, recently) wanted to make a Giant Cupcake, so when I saw this mould in Tesco last week, for only €9.99, I nearly wet myself with excitement.


It’s a silicone mould that comes in two parts, top and bottom, that you fill with your chosen cake batter. I must admit here that I cheated, and used a box of Betty Crocker. (It is yummy though). I have a problem with my oven at the moment, which means I can’t use it until the boys are in bed, so I was pushed for time.


There is also a nifty little insert with the mould, which allows you to put a filling inside the cake after it has been baked. I used white chocolate sauce, which was a bit runny, but still tasted good.
After assembling the cupcake, I decorated it with white chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate buttons.
Et Voila!


Really simple, but very effective, and most of all, delicious!

Hello world!

My first blog, my first post, exciting!
I’ve been posting photos of my creations on Facebook but fear I may be boring people; so now if anyone is actually interested, they can just cone here.
I hope to fill this blog with my knitting, crochet, baking, cards and other crafty stuff. Also, eateries I find with yummy cake, tea and such like. And anything else I find randomly interesting.

If you visit, please leave a comment!

By the way, I’m posting from my iPhone. I ❤ it.